International Conference on Operational Research (KOI)


The International Conference on Operational Research (KOI) is the major event organized by the Croatian Operational Research Society (CRORS) since 1991. In the period from 1991-1996. it was organized every year, while from the 1996. to today, it is organized every two years.

The objective of the KOI conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from various aspects of operational research for introducing new OR achievements. Main intention of the conference is to exchange ideas and experiences from direct contacts with researches of common interest, particularly including young researches in scientific work. Our mission is to promote Operations Research as an academic discipline and a profession.

We are pleased to invite all academicians, practitioners and particularly young researchers, as well as students, interested in all branches of operational research, mathematical modelling and economic analysis to participate in the conference and to present their papers in the following conference topics:

  • Linear and Non-linear Programming
  • Integer Programming
  • Combinatorial and Discrete Optimization
  • Multi-objective Programming
  • Stohastic Models and Optimization Scheduling
  • Macroeconomics, Economic Theory, Games Statistics and Econometrics
  • Marketing and Data Analysis
  • Information and Decision Support Systems
  • Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • Environment, Energy, Health
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
  • Control Theory Simulations
  • Practical OR and Applications

Till 2010, the papers presented at the KOI conference reviewed and accepted by two independent reviewers were published in conference proceedings. From 2010. and further, the accepted papers are published in the Croatian Operational Research Review (CRORR) journal which is indexed in relevant databases. Book of abstracts from the conference is also published and distributed at the conference.


16th International Conference on Operational Research KOI 2016, September 27-29, 2016, Osijek, Croatia


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