Financial Management

Level of studies

Study holder

General outline

Course of study: Financial management

Carried out by: Faculty of Economics in Osijek

Duration of study: 3 years (6 semesters)

Enrolment conditions: All candidates who graduated from high school or passed the entrance examination qualify for the study programme.

Professional or academic title / degree obtained after completion of study: Bachelor of Economics

All business systems, regardless of the type of organisation, have to have employees who possess knowledge in the field of finances. This applies to big companies, banks or insurance companies. However, it also applies to the owners of small businesses, or individual entrepreneurs, whether they are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial undertaking or have been in business for some time, to city managers, managers of utility companies, and to the institutions of public services owned by cities or the state. By the time they have completed the undergraduate study “Financial management”, the students should be able to master the disciplines within the study of finances and the functioning of financial markets. They will also develop the ability to apply certain analytical and quantitative techniques and acquire relevant skills in the field of management and finances. Finally, they will be equipped for adequate types of communication. Within the course of study they will acquire knowledge in monetary and credit policy, public finances, accounting, financial analysis and planning, financial management and computer technology in finances and accounting. In doing so, the students will be prepared for careers in different types of companies, banks, insurance companies, and public sector in accounting and financial positions. After completing this undergraduate programme the students can continue their studies within the graduate programme of the same name at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, as well as other faculties in the Republic of Croatia which have analogous graduate courses of study (finances and accounting, finances, financial management).