Financial Management

Level of studies

Study holder

J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics in Osijek

General outline

Course of study: Financial management

Carried out by: Faculty of Economics in Osijek

Duration of study: 2 years (4 semesters)

Professional or academic title / degree obtained after completion of study: Master of Economics

By completing the graduate studies, the student will acquire additional knowledge in the field of finances. In case there is a need for stronger orientation towards the field of accounting, this is achieved by choosing the course of study electives. Furthermore, the graduate study should provide students with the knowledge on contemporary analytical techniques and new skills in order to create a solid basis for financial decision-making and aid them in increasing their individual effectiveness in the field of finances. After finishing this programme the student will be equipped for jobs in financial planning and management, investment planning, managing money and short-term securities, credit counselling in banks, corporate finances, risk management and insurance, securities trading, managing investment and pension funds, and jobs in accounting and auditing. These competencies will enable them to gain employment in the private, public and state sector.