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Faculty of Economics, Osijek, Croatia


10th - 13rd of April 2019

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Invitation to Creative Treasury 2016

We are inviting you to Creative Treasury 2016 that will take place at Faculty of economics, Osijek on 20- 23 of April 2016. This year topic is „Socially responsibile creativity. Looking forward seeing... More

Invitation for presenters to Creative Treasury 2016

We inform all interested presenters who would like to be part of Creative Treasury 2016 that all the necessary infomation is published in the invitation announcment. Application deadline is 11th March 2016. poziv izlagačima_KR... More

Creative treasury logo

It is a great honor and pleasure to present you Creative treasury logo which was created as a volunteer work by our students. Logo consists letters K and R ( inicials of Creative Treasury) which interweave  symbolizing  creative bond and cooperation between cultural and creative department with public and at the same time nourishing and... More