Working hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 3pm


Ground floor of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Trg Ljudevita Gaja 7


Telephone for patrons: 031 224-478

Library leader

Jasminka Mihaljević, M.Sc.
Telephone: 031 224-428

The exhibition “What’s new?” In the Library

One of the main goals of the library is to provide access to a variety of information to help you in your professional and private activities and community advancement. Exploring the literature undoubtedly widens the horizons and forms the opinions and attitudes of the community.

As a higher education library, we rely mostly on the materials represented in the study plan and program. However, there is a lot of things. From children’s paintings and fine arts to psychology, sociology and philosophy.

Where can we find information and how to deal with them? Why do we do this? Library work is based on good organization of information – library and non-library materials. For the past few years we have been working on the online catalog of the units we own so you know what you can borrow and use. From printed materials, magazines and books, to electronic sources. We work on a repository of bachelor, master, scientific, and similar papers that you can access at any time. We are preparing and collecting literature for professional subject topics from a huge amount of resources. We archive and organize it … After all, we are confident we are doing all this for the benefit of the community, scientist, student … user.