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Ground floor of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Trg Ljudevita Gaja 7


Telephone for patrons: 031 224-478

Library leader

Jasminka Mihaljević, M.Sc.
Telephone: 031 224-428

Roundtable “Creating green library”

On friday 22nd april 2016 roundtable “Creating green library” was held under the popularizational symposium “Creative treasury 2016: Socially responsible creativity”. The round table was opened by Vladimir Cini, the dean of Faculty of Economics in Osijek and was moderated by Jasminka Mihaljević, leader of the Library. At the opening of the roundtable the Library signed a contract with company Komunalac Ltd. Vukovar. The dean also announced competition for the best “green library” that will be held at the Faculty of Economics.

The goal of the roundtable was to connect the Library of the Faculty of Economics with national project “Green Library” which was created by librarians in Istria and gradually included other libraries in Croatia and the Croatian Library Association. Library of the Faculty of Economics is also linked with partners in the region (company Komunalac Ltd.) and other libraries (primary, secondary, higher educational and national) implementing corporate social responsibility and educate their customers about the importance of environmental protection through various activities. The aim of this project is to edify the community about sustainable development and the need for protection of environment trough: the portal Green Library, screenings of documentary films, lectures, panel discussions and book presentations.

The participants of the round table were:

  • Company Komunalac Ltd. Vukovar, which was represented by director Igor Štrangarević and Mirjana Prkačin, MSc. ing. oecoing.
  • Anica Bokor, a librarian and professor, and Biljana Pavic, professor from the library of the Elementary school August Šenoa Osijek,
  • Ksenija Kesegi Krstin, professor and librarian of the Library of the Catering and Tourism School Osijek,
  • Daliborka Pavošević, professor from Library of Electrical Engineering and Traffic School Osijek,
  • Ljiljana Siber, senior librarian, MSc. bibl., MSc. iur. from the library of the Faculty of Law in Osijek,
  • Mary Bulgarian, MSc. informatol. from the City Library Vukovar – Department for Children,
  • Sanja Grgic, a librarian from the City Library Vukovar, regional department Sotin.

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