International Video Pitch Competition

Let me introduce you the International Video Pitch Competition (IVP) that University of Pecs organizes with Ohio University (USA) (Co-founders of the competition), Swansea University (Wales), J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (Croatia) and Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (Portugal).

University of Pecs and Ohio University have launched the International Video Pitch Competition (www.internationalvideopitch.org) 3 years ago to allow students in the two ecosystems to interact with each other and to receive valuable feedback on their entrepreneurial initiatives from an internationally and professionally diverse group of experts. Last year we had six international HEIs participating in the competition.

This competition allows our students to receive international exposure in an early stage of their entrepreneurial evolution and to strengthen the regional innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Students, in the framework of the competition, have to prepare a one-pager that shortly describes the business model of their idea and create a 2 minute video pitch to present their idea. These two documents have to be uploaded onto a website.

  1. The first round of the competition is a local one, where a first and a second prize are awarded in the amount of 750 and 250 USD, respectively.
  2. The local first and second place contestants go onto the international level, where an international panel of experts judge all projects. All member HEIs delegate an expert to be a part of the virtual panel of judges.
  3. The winners (first, second) are decided on the international level and awarded 750 and 250 USD prize respectively (the prize is donated by a company). The award ceremony will be on the 20th April, which is broadcasted from Pecs via a videoconference channel.


Kick-off of the IVP:                                                   9th January 2017

Deadline for the upload:                                          20th March 2017

Local panel evaluates and makes decisions on
the local winner and the second place:                   20th March – 31st March 2017

International panel evaluates the local winners
and second place projects:                                     1st April – 14th April 2017

Announcement of the winner of the IVP:                 20th April 2017


University of Pecs will provide the website/platform to upload the project proposals.
This platform will also display all projects so there can be interaction between all participants.

Students apply by sending a one page description of their business idea by email to the below listed email addresses by February 20. Workshops and mentorship will be organized for all accepted participants between February 27 and March 3.

If you have any questions and wish to discuss the competition further, please contact

Ljerka Sedlan König at sedlan@efos.hr or

Sunčica Oberman Peterka at suncica@efos.hr

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