Project goals

The OBJECTIVE of “INTENSE – INTernational ENntrepreneurship Skills Europe” is to develop and implement a teaching module focusing on the collaboration and innovative practices between Higher Education Institutes (HEI) and European Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME), to stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and internationalization of students, HEI staff and SMEs. This leads to increasing employability of HEI students and HEI university staff.

Project activities are focused on development and implementation of courses focused on internationalization of SMEs through cooperation between SMEs and HEI. Project Intense gathers teams of students, SMEs and HEI from different EU countries with aim of helping SMEs in internationalization of their businesses and raising awareness of internationalization importance. The project builds on previous experiences of the project partners and leads to an exchange of best practice between the partner HEI:

  • Building the bridge between HEI/students and entrepreneurs/SMEs
  • E-learning and Blended learning
  • Building up and measuring competences


Project outputs

  1. “Guidance to internationalization” teaching material – Multi-media compilation of teaching material relevant for internationalization of SME’s;
  2. “Concrete Steps of internationalization” Teaching material – Multi-media compilation of teaching material relevant for internationalization of SMEs are produced and comments of partners are included before the pilot run.;
  3. INTENSE Tool kit for SMEs – Collection/gathering/linking/adapting of relevant information for SMES about International Entrepreneurship;
  4. INTENSE Module Description/Teaching Manual – Development of a virtual teaching manual with a module description of the course, including evaluation of recommended ECTS points, for universities to include this course in their curricular;
  5. Publication on the INTENSE learning model – Several academic article(s) on the teaching concept of the project are drafted, published in relevant magazines and presented in conferences etc.;
  6. Measuring innovation competences in international business context – This project will redevelop the existing INCODE Barometer that consists of three dimensions of capacities and skills:
    • individual (behaviors or skills that allow a person to innovate in the personal execution of tasks: students from different study fields, teachers and other HEI staff, SME entrepreneurs/managers),
    • interpersonal (individual ability to innovate through the interaction with the team and represents the behaviors or skills that make others move towards the objective: the INTENSE teams which consist of multidisciplinary students, teachers, and SME entrepreneur/manager) and
    • networking (represents the behaviors and skills that enable the mutual teams to find appropriate solutions in the process of complementing tasks in cooperation with all stakeholders that are needed to internationalize SME);
  7. INTENSE Recommendations catalogue – Policy recommendations derived from lessons learned through project activities, discussed with relevant stakeholders will be published.