Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the standard of excellence in education and development of future business leaders, build and maintain a leading society of economic experts and business people at regional, stat and international level.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of higher education through teaching, scientific and research work, and continuous cooperation with other higher education institutions and business entities.

Faculty of Economics in Osijek offers 7 different studies at the undergraduate and graduate level (of which 5 studies are actively carried out: Financial management, Marketing, Management, Business informatics and Entrepreneurship), 4 postgraduate specialist studies, and 2 doctoral studies, at which attendants can choose a large number of courses according to their preferences. In addition to that, Faculty offers various professional training programmes. 

Classes are held in modern classrooms. Students have 5 informatics classrooms at their disposal, with a total of about 200 computers, with installed MS Office, software for statistical analyses, intelligent systems and various other applications. All the computers have continuous Internet connection provided by the CARNet.

Library with its holdings of books and magazines, reading room with a virtual department for Internet access to all the relevant world databases at over 400 computer stations, wireless Internet access, special lecture rooms for postgraduate studies, and fully computerized student service with which students for all their needs communicate almost entirely over the Internet, provide the opportunity for all the employees, some one hundred of them with twenty external associates, and over 5,000 students, to work together to meet the requirements of the profession and use the latest methods to turn theory into reality.