The studies of economic sciences in Osijek started officially on the 25th of June 1959, with the decision by the People’s Committee of Osijek District on the foundation of the Centre for Economic Studies in Osijek. The long-standing Trade Academy in Osijek, and later the Vocational Commercial Secondary School in Osijek, received their logical continuation in 1959. This was the Centre for Economic Studies, a higher education institution and the nucleus of the future Faculty of Economics. In 1960 the Centre evolved into the Junior Economic College, and in 1961 the requirements for establishing the Faculty of Economics in Osijek were met. The Faculty was founded by the decree of the People’s Committee of Osijek District no. 02-7835/1-196 dated 31st of May 1961, and started its activities on the 1st of September 1961.

Throughout its history, the Faculty of Economics in Osijek has changed its curricula several times. In addition to full-time and part-time studies, the Faculty started providing postgraduate courses in 1973, first in Marketing, followed by Business Policies and Organization. The study of law, which began within the Faculty of Economics in Osijek in 1973, evolved into the independent Faculty of Law in Osijek in 1975.

During the Homeland War in the early 1990s, the Faculty building took 16 direct shell hits, with material damages amounting to 4,100,000 Croatian Kunas. Despite this, assisted by numerous donors, the Faculty of Economics in Osijek continued its educational and research activities with success.

In 1993 and 1994 the curriculum underwent a major renovation; and consequently, the Faculty continued with only two courses of study:

  1. Marketing Management and
  2. Financial Management.

At that time, the curriculum structure provided the following educational possibilities:

  • Undergraduate studies,
  • Postgraduate studies, and
  • Occasional training courses and seminars.

One effect of globalisation and worldwide changes is the way in which the complex issues of production, organisation and management become a focal point in the field of economics.  They constitute new challenges for the system of higher education and thus require a reorganization of higher education in general.  With this in mind, 2005 saw major changes in the framework of university reform following the Bologna Declaration. The Faculty of Economics in Osijek altered its study programmes according to European standards and requirements.