Faculty of Economics in Osijek is one of the oldest faculties and higher education institutions in Osijek and Slavonia and Baranja. It was also at the core of the foundation of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. It was founded in 1961 with the purpose of continuing the activities of the Centre for Economic Studies of the University of Zagreb, with strong support from the then economy, chamber of economy and institutions of local and regional authorities. Such “region-based” foundation determined the profile of the Faculty at the very moment of its establishment: conducting research focused on problems related to regional development and the development of companies as well as delivering educational programmes focused on problems related to business organisation and company management. At the beginning of the first year of its operation, a total of 293 students enrolled in the Centre for Economic Studies in Osijek, which was founded on 25 June 1959. After two years, more specifically on 14 June 1961, the Centre for Economic Studies was transformed into the Faculty of Economics in Osijek. After Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek was founded in 1975, the Faculty became its constituent. Curriculum for the 4-year study programme was adopted in its entirety by the then National Council for Higher Education in the spring of 1997. The programme comprised two courses of study – Financial Management and Marketing Management. As such, the Faculty was able to meet the requirements for high-quality staff, who were extremely scarce after the economy of this region had been devastated by the war. Up until 1999, the Faculty experienced increased growth in terms of the number of students, attendees of postgraduate study programmes, PhD students and teaching staff.

It is an indisputable fact that in 57 years of its existence, the Faculty has played a significant role in the education of scientists and experts in this region of the Republic of Croatia and that its activities have reflected its environment and student demands. Up until 2017, 9,566 students of the Faculty graduated from undergraduate study programmes, 2,465 students graduated from graduate study programmes, 691 students acquired master’s degrees and 258 students acquired PhD degrees. Ever since its foundation, the Faculty has strived to establish itself as an autonomous, modern, comparative and competitive institution conducting scientific research of European and world-class quality. Faculty’s vision and mission proves its devotion to encouraging and achieving excellence in scientific research and teaching activities, which is an important prerequisite for achieving progress and competitiveness of the society in which it lives and operates. The aforementioned indicates that the rich tradition and current intellectual potential of the Faculty can also provide strong support for future development of the regional economy and the economy of the entire Republic of Croatia.