Education Levels

Within given circumstances, the Faculty of Economics in Osijek aims to provide an individualized education (taking into consideration the delicate balance between aiming for prestige and the practicality of economics in operation) through a partly-modular programme consisting of some compulsory (required) modules or courses, plus certain elective ones.

The partly-modular approach offers a significant element of individualisation for study programmes, which are also vertically integrated. This vertical integration should be interpreted as the possibility to continue studies at relevant universities in Western Europe and the USA. The option for students to continue their studies in countries with developed economies and high educational standards should be one of the most important measures of our Faculty’s competence within the Republic of Croatia.

Study programmes are structured in such a way as to provide education in economics as a primary body of knowledge, as well as supplementary knowledge for economists and non-economists.

In 2005 the Faculty introduced a new curriculum, which was devised according to the principles of the Bologna process. This current curriculum envisages several levels of education.

Scheme of studies in Croatia according to the Bologna process.  

Levels of education at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek

University studies (duration 3+2+2 years)

  • Undergraduate studies (3 years) – leading to the degree ‘Bachelor of Economics’ 
  • Graduate studies (2 years) – leading to the degree ‘Master of Economics’ 
  • Postgraduate specialist studies (lasting 3 semesters, for students who have previously graduated from a four-year study programme following the previous curriculum) – leading to the degree  ‘Master-Specialist of Social Sciences’ 
  • Postgraduate or doctoral studies (2 years) – leading to the degree ‘Doctor of Economics’

At the undergraduate and graduate level there are seven distinct study programmes that students can choose from. All the programmes have been accredited by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport.

Higher Vocational Studies

  • Undergraduate vocational studies (3 years)

This programme is aimed at both full-time and part-time students, and lasts for six semesters (three academic years). On completion, students are awarded the title ‘Economist’. Instead of taking the entrance exam, candidates are accepted into the undergraduate vocational study programme on the basis of grades in secondary school.

Vocational studies have been provided in Osijek, as well as in Varaždin since the academic year 2001/2002.
Vocational studies are offered in two programmes: Commerce and Accounting.